Evo Olive Biologique

Huile d'olive

Monocultivar Selection "Oliva Nera di Colletorto"


It is yellow in color with green hues, bitter and spicy, well expressed, the smell is delicious and enveloping, full of hints of freshly mowed grass, artichoke, and field chicory, to which are added net notes of green almond, with tons of balsamic herbs such as mint, basil and sage.

Some matches:

Appetizers of beans, salmon carpaccio, tomato salads, potato soup, legume soups, first courses with mushrooms, wet prawns, cuttlefish, baked rabbit, roast chicken, goat cheese. Orange salad.
Formats: Bottle of 0,10 L, 0,25 L, 0,50 L, Tube Bag 3 L, Tin 5 L

Monocultivar Selection "Rumignana"

It has an intense golden yellow color with green veins, the smell is delicious and enveloping, full of vegetable scents of artichokes and chicory, to which are added the notes of black pepper, in the mouth is wide and of character, with lilac tones , field thistle and balsamic herbs with a reminder of mint, rosemary and sage. Strong powerful and spicy decisive.

Some matches:
Appetizer of porcini mushrooms, tomato bruschetta, fish carpaccio Sword, artichoke salads, asparagus soups, first courses with tuna, red meat and baked game, seasoned cheeses with spun pasta, a few drops of vanilla ice cream or pineapple the slices.

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